What is the KonMari Method?

The KonMari Method is an organizing process that focuses on tidying by category (ex: clothing, books, etc) instead of area (ex: bedroom, bathroom, etc) — and choosing to keep only those items that spark joy. The process begins with creating a vision of how you want your life to look and keeping the vision in the forefront of your mind as you go through your belongings. As you move through each category in order (clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous, sentimental) you will become increasingly more sensitive to what sparks joy (what you should keep) and what has already served its purpose (what you should discard). The method is truly transformative and by the end of it, you will only be surrounded by what you enjoy.

May I go out of order? For example, what if I want to start with the miscellaneous category before I begin clothing, books and paper?

It’s not recommended. The success of the method is largely due to the order – clothes, books, paper, miscellaneous, sentimental. If there is a really good reason to begin with a category other than clothing, then by all means go for it. Otherwise, just trust the method.

What makes the KonMari method unique over typical organizing methods?

It actually works! Just kidding. Well, I’m only half kidding. I’m sure some organizing methods work for some people but the KonMari method is universally successful. During all the years that Marie Kondo helped people organize, she only had one person rebound. If you tidy according to the method and complete it, you shouldn’t rebound either. It’s a one-time event and when it’s over, it’s over. When I decided to implement the KonMari method in my own life, I did so with the end goal of not having to organize ever again. I didn’t want to reach 65 years old and still be figuring out where everything belongs in my closet or why my pantry can never stay tidy. Sure, there is the maintaining aspect of the method, but the organizing part is only done once – and that’s the beauty of the method.

When is a good time to get started?

Right now! …in most cases. If you’re within days of moving, having a baby, or any other major life event, I would wait until the event is over. Other than that, there’s no time like the present. Life is eventful and there will always be something going on so don’t let the small stuff prevent you from getting started. But if something major is imminent, just wait and begin as soon as you can – but don’t wait too long.

What does each session cost?

It depends on the length of the session (3-5 hours is standard) and how many sessions you book. I offer packages with multiple sessions and those include discounts. At times I will run promotions too – at the moment I have a 2019 Netflix promotion. Contact me via this form and I will give you the current rates!

How does the typical person justify hiring a KonMari consultant?

People justify different purchases for different reasons, but I personally put more value in experiences over things – and the tidying adventure is definitely an experience. Although I didn’t hire a consultant when I began my journey (they weren’t around back then) I would have in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity and the means. One of the wonderful parts of the organizing process is that it’s a one-shot event. If done correctly, you won’t be organizing for the rest of your life. In other words, it stands the test of time.

What if my family member(s) won’t commit to organizing their belongings?

To quote Marie Kondo herself, “If your family’s stuff bothers you, be like the sun. Recall Aesop’s fable about the north wind and the sun: the wind failed to blow off the traveler’s coat while the sun got him to remove it simply by shining. It is far more effective to be like the sun.”

Basically, once you have completed your own tidying adventure, let the joy they see in you and the organization of your things inspire them to start their own journey.

How long is each session?

Three to five hours is the sweet spot for organizing sessions. Less than three hours doesn’t give us enough time to effectively dive into organizing. More than five hours straight and my brain begins to hurt…

Can I just read the book and organize my house on my own?

Absolutely! That’s what I did. Both books go into enough detail so you should have no problem completing the tidying festival on your own if you have the drive. But if you’re here on my website, my guess is that you might need a little jump start 😉

I haven’t read the book – do I need to do this to start organizing my home?

It’s definitely not a prerequisite and you can still be successful without ever picking up the book. That being said, would it be helpful? I’d say yes. Her book really captures the spirit of tidying and there are so many little nuggets of organizing wisdom. As I organized my own home, I would re-read the section of the category I was about to start and I was immediately motivated. So, yes, I highly recommend reading it (or listening to it if that’s your thing) at some point but it’s not imperative if you’re going to hire a KonMari consultant.

How many sessions will I need?

I get asked this question a lot and I feel bad that I can never give a straightforward answer. There are so many factors that determine how many sessions and how quickly the tidying process will all take. Here are some:

            *Size of home

           *Number of possessions

           *Number of people living in home

          * Schedule

          * Level of motivation to get the entire house organized (the biggest factor IMO)

Every situation is different but if you’re motivated, you may only need a few sessions to get you through the entire process (homework will be assigned between sessions).

Are there any specific tools/storage containers/etc that I need to buy before we start?

Nope. An optional step to preparation would be to look around your house and collect storage containers you already own – these might be shoe boxes, empty iPhone boxes or any type of container that you like. It is not required to do this, but these items do come in handy during the process even if they are only used temporarily. Make sure you don’t go out and buy any storage before the organizing is complete. The storage you need after organizing is usually quite a bit different than the storage space you started out with so wait to do this until the very end. I know it’s tempting to run out and buy fun containers but please wait until the tidying is complete J

Do you offer gift cards? My mom really needs to organize her home and a KonMari consultant is exactly what she needs.

Yes. But keep in mind this method works best for those that are ready and open to receiving help.

Why is your business called “Tidy Therapy”?

In a nutshell, the process felt therapeutic. That’s not to say that I enjoyed every moment of organizing. In fact, there were many categories that I dreaded having to face. It sometimes felt like I had an infinite amount of items and I really hated making decisions about what to do with those things. However, whether I enjoyed going through a category or not, the end result was always extremely satisfying and the anxiety of disorder disappeared.

How much do I need to discard/purge?

There is no specific number on how much to keep or how much to discard. Because everyone is unique, the value placed on certain possessions will be different from person to person. It isn’t about how much or how little we decide to keep but the value that each item has in our life and the conscious decision to hold onto it. The KonMari Method invites you to address each and every item in your home and assess if it has a place in your life going forward.

What training is required to become a Certified KonMari Consultant?

Each consultant is required to complete a Consultant Certification Course, implement the KonMari Method in the homes of at least two people and create detailed reports to ensure that the method is properly incorporated. At the very end of this months-long process, the consultant-in-training takes a written exam to hopefully become a Certified KonMari Consultant. Click here to learn more about the steps involved to obtaining certification.